System integration

Holland Ship Electric can arrange the complete electrical installation for newly built cargo ships, dredgers, tugs, workboats, etc.
At the designing stage we can advise in cost reduction, innovation and sustainability. Always being up to date with the latest technology and regulations.
As an independent system integrator, we are not restricted in terms of brands, products or suppliers.
We only use the materials which are best suited to your installation or preference.
We engineer, source and supply the complete electrical package, which we install on-site. Of course we can also supply to the yard of your choice, if you prefer building abroad with local people. In that case we can offer project management and on site supervision and commissioning.

  • Full system integration
  • Mounting of control desk of ferry "IJveer 60"
  • In-house produced switchboards and desks


An overview of what we can do for you:

Electrical design (Single line lay-out)
Engineering electrical installation
Engineering automated systems

Delivery of nautical package
Building switch boards (panel building) and control boxes
Control desks/consoles
Delivery of installation package:
Delivery fire alarm system (conventional / addressable)
Delivery Lighting system
Communication and PA system
TV/entertainment system
Gas detection systems
Delivery of generators, motors and drives
Cable pulling
Fire alarm system (conventional / addressable)
Lighting system
Internal communication systems (telephone / intercom / PA)
TV/entertainment system
HVAC system
Installing machine package (generators, motors, drives)
Double threaded wiring
Depth measuring systems
Fuelling systems
Automated systems
Filter pressurizing systems
Gas detection systems (LEL / H2s)
LAN internal distribution network
Winch control systems
Integration DP1 and DP2 systems
Electrical propulsion drive systems (CPP & FPP)
Electrical side thrusters drive systems (CPP & FPP)
Load & stability software, including automatic updates from tank sounding
Cargo & dry bulk handling systems

Project control
Project management
Commissioning (start up)