Mobile TV Antenna unit

You temporary need TV with an infotainment system?
With this mobile antenna unit you have a complete TV antenna with entertainment system. The 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system is stored in the 10’ for transport. It can easily be set up and operational in a short period of time.
Besides the antenna, the unit contains air conditioning and a 19” rack with the antenna receiver and an infotainment system. This system offers the possibility for digital TV (over 20 HD channels), Video and music on demand, and CCTV. Customer movies like safety films can be uploaded and locally shown.

Without antenna: LxWxH 2,97 x 2.44 x 2,59 meters
With antenna: LxWxH 2,97 x 2.44 x 4,15 meters
Fitted with air conditioning

  • The 10' container stores the antenna for transport
  • The interior, with breaker panel, 19" rack and air-conditioning

The TV antenna system features advanced technology that enables the user to receive Ku-Band High Definition satellite services worldwide without ever having to change the LNB. With the simple to use MMI, changing satellite services is as simple as a few button clicks away.
Key Features & Benefits
• Programmable LNB that receives worldwide Ku-Band services. No more changing LNB’s when travelling to different regions of the world.
• Advanced stabilization for viewing satellite TV even in rough sea conditions.
• Integrated DVB-S2 tuner for reception and identification of DVB-S2 and DVB-S satellite broadcasts.
• Frequency tuned radome minimizes signal loss.
• Intuitive and secured user interface with extensive data logging capabilities.
• Global satellite library.

Infotainment system
Entertainment concept to serve the crew and/or passengers all over the world on all type of vessels.
Possible applications:
• Watch Digital TV. For 20 or more channels HD quality. abonnement
• Video on demand. Numbers of cabins can watch the same movie, each on their own time.
Movies will be presented on screen in categories. If Pay per View is requested, charging can be interfaced to the ships cost register system. Also uploading company introduction and safety movies is possible.
• Music on demand. The system presents a choice of thousands of songs, presented in categories
• Information channel. This can be filled by the user for instance for daily program, menu, tourist information, ships daily news paper and what possible wishes the shipping company has.
• CCTV sources. The camera pictures of the vessel can be showed as a TV channel.
• Kill card system. In case of emergency in all cabins a alarm message will be displayed on the TV, displaying a safety floor image is also possible. This system is a network based system.
Only one cable is running to each user. In the cabin is a small settop box mounted out of sight.