Mobile TV Antenna unit

Do you temporary need TV with an infotainment system?

With this mobile antenna unit you have a complete TV antenna with entertainment system. The 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system is stored in the 10’ for transport. It can easily be set up and operational in a short period of time.
Besides the antenna, the unit contains air conditioning and a 19” rack with the antenna receiver and an infotainment system. This system offers the possibility for digital TV (over 20 HD channels), Video and music on demand, and CCTV. Customer movies like safety films can be uploaded and locally shown. Read more



Distribution transformer

This 3 phase distribution transformer ensures you of a stable 400V power supply.

It has a total of 16 feeders, which can be altered to your wishes.

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Load Bank 600kW

Load bank for load testing an electrical installation. This load bank can be used for instance for factory testing engine diesel generators, battery and UPS system
testing, ground power testing, etc. Read more



Rental mobile internet connection

HSE Rentals can offer you the possibillity for mobile internet. Do you have a project at a remote location? Or do you have a ship which temporary needs an internet connection?

Inquire after the possibillities.